Lisa and Soleil

“Soleil, A Mustang’s Story” is based on many true events in the life of a wild mustang filly. Soleil once ran free in Wyoming. She roamed the countryside with a herd of wild horses. The filly was captured and put into its adoption program in February 2005 as a result of the Bureau of Land Management’s round up. Wild horses are put up for adoption because there is not enough land to sustain them for survival in the wild.

Wild mustangs are a part of our American heritage. I hope this book helps tell their story and also helps in finding homes or sponsors for the hundreds of wild mustangs that are in need.

Mustangs are legendary horses and as a symbol of our national identity. Just like the bald eagle, they should be protected and preserved. The mustangs deserve our respect, love, and care.

I adopted Soleil via the Internet in March 2005. “Soleil, A Mustang’s” Story is a work of fiction based on facts. My life has never been the same since adopting her!

-- Lisa Holderby